• About Us

Malvolaar Holdings is a Level 1 BBBEE contributor as a youth owned business with 35% women ownership. The business was registered as a Close Corporation in 2005, we have been fully operational for 12 years. The company is perfectly positioned to grow. It has sustained itself since inception without any formal investment. It has developed products, processes and systems enabling it to offer sustainable solutions to business. Our track record consists of testimonies and summaries of work done, which can be referenced at the end of this document. We have a proud team with complementary skills sets and we are excited about the next phase of our contribution.


After 20 years of operation in South Africa we would like to expand our investments, to other parts of Africa and continue to build a dynamic, vibrant entity that will be a leading provider in both private and public sectors of societies, Worldwide.


Together we strive to create a Working Nation of South Africa.


We assist businesses that are looking to grow from a small enterprise to something more significant, Are you an entrepreneur? Are you ready to grow? Do you require more strategic support to help you to grow and develop your business? Are you a corporate company or organization wanting to maximize the impact on your ESD? partner with us, we can help you. Malvolaar Holdings, through its network of business partners, provides specialized consulting and advisory services to guide prospective entrepreneurs and emerging businesses. We will help you to position your business in the landscape of South Africa's public and private sectors and to deliver commercial value. This will extend your company profile and reputation

Why Malvolaar Holdings?

Highly Qualified Team
Our core team is a unique blend of highly qualified young professionals, project managers, creative personnel’s and investment analysts who have excelled in their respective fields of expertise. Our complementary skills ensure that we are able to comprehensively address our client’s business objectives.

Over 12 Years of Experience
We have been working together for years and have proved our working methodologies.

Focus is on Quality and meeting Client’s Specific Needs
Providing sustainable interventions that are tracked by our “Results Reporting” Service. Delivering excellence in our work and having a strong attention to detail. Providing a more affordable solution. Driving every project, we work on with enthusiasm we are happy and privileged to have the work.

On-time Delivery
Malvolaar prides itself on tight project management and excellent turnaround times.